Recycling Bins

Recycling Bins

Recycling Bins
Our office and home recycling bins are made from 80% recycled cardboard. Available in different quantities.

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Deskside Recycling Bins

Recycled desk recycling unit

Vending Recycling Bin

Vending Recycling bin made from recycled cardboard

Mega Bin

Huge recycling bin

Mobile Phone Recycling Bin

Made from recycled cardboard

Desktop Recycling Tray

Made from recycled cardboard

Confidential Waste Recycling Bins

Made from recycled cardboard

Big Bin Lids (pack of 10)

A set of spare lids for your bigbins, sold in packs of 10

Confidential Desk Twin Bin

Confidential Twin Bin made from recycled card

Cartridge Recycling Bins

Office Cartridge Recycling bins made from recycled card

Big White Bin (Quantity: Pallet 200)

Large White Recycling Bin, made from recycled card

Big White Bin (no logo)

Large White Recycling bin, with no logo, made from recycled card
* Prices incl. VAT in EU, plus delivery