Dancing Girl Earrings

Dancing Girl Earrings

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Some of the favorite recycled jewelry items are the "dancing girl" pins and earrings, made of recycled wire and scraps of tin by craftspeople in Kisumu, Kenya and finished by TEMAK. These earrings "dance" from your earlobes and whisper advice ('Don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington', for example). Designs are mixed including some with beads and some without. Teenage Mothers and Girls Association of Kenya (TEMAK) is an organization working for the rescue, rehabilitation and economic empowerment of girls and young women. Their programmes focus on helping solve the problems of HIV/AIDS infected children, their parents (often teenage girls who are single), orphans, the poor and the destitute of the community. TEMAK has its centre in Tom Mboya Estate, Kisumu where multiple programmes have been initiated over the past dozen years to support the destitute.

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