USA Customers

USA Customers

USA Customers

This category contains items which we know we can easily ship to the USA. The purchase prices have been amended to take account of the fact that you do not need to pay Value Added Tax (that's a UK sales tax) but also to account for the higher shipping charges. Click on the US flag on the menu bar for prices in USA dollars, which include shipping. Prices only apply to the mainland USA.

This is still a small category but we're working on it. If you want anything from our other categories please drop us an email first to ask about shipping. Contact us.

Note: we do not know if you will be liable for US sales or import taxes and we are unable to advise on this matter. We suggest you check this out before ordering.



Recycled Lunchboxes

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Desktop Recycling Trays (100 - USA Order Only)

Desktop recycling trays made from recycled card
£415.00 *

Taberna 0.25L/0.5l Bottles - 50/50 USA ONLY

50 Taberna .25l and 50 Taberna .5l bottles
£281.50 *

Carlsberg Goblets - set of 6

Goblets made from Carlsberg beer bottles
£56.87 *

Assorted Tin Can Animals

Assorted Tin Can Animals - Switzerland Only
£22.27 *

Taberna 0.25L/0.5l Bottles - 100/100 USA ONLY

100 Taberna .25l and 100 Taberna .5l bottles
£566.50 *
* Prices incl. VAT in EU, plus delivery